Birth of the Italian Club of Spanish Mastiff

After more than sixty years shared with Molossian, from which I certainly received more than I gave, I feel right to show our love with the commitment to increase the value of this beautiful breed which has got in its genes the history of entire populations.
The Italian Club of Spanish Mastiff naturally arises from the passion and enthusiasm, but also from the need of performing a serious and intense work for a smart selection of the breed, and for a fruitful spreading and promotion of Spanish Mastiff. Till today, all efforts and charges in favour of this not very well known breed, at least in Italy, have been assumed by enthusiasts and breeders. It is our intent to carry out a vast promotion of this breed. There are Italian and foreign members emeritus, well known for their work and study on the Spanish Mastiff. We are aware of the little spreading of the breed and for this reason we believe essential the formation of a recognised Club of the breed where the synergy of powers making it can really achieve the established results.
Sometimes, even in the world of cinofilia (love of dog) as in all other situations, we find the logic of power and intrigue that have nothing to do with the protection of the breed. Our club has to be driven by the love and respect for nature that, in our case, are expressed through the dedication to our Mastiff, which is not only a dog, but a companion, a family member that shares with us the joys and sorrows dispensed by life, as an impartial referee, to every living being. I am very satisfied with the work done so far thanks to all members of the staff who devoted themselves with great passion and commitment to this wonderful breed. The work of selection and divulgation of our Molossian will be a true gift for all those who have the fortune of owning a Spanish Mastiff. For only those who already had a Spanish Mastiff know how much this dog is gifted with a special sweetness, protection and devotion. So much has been done and much more is still to be done, but surely our efforts will be rewarded by the awareness and the joy of being useful to the preservation and spreading of a fantastic Molossian that gives everything without asking anything. The dog does not ask, he gives, and man must learn to understand and respect it.
The Italian Club of Spanish Mastiff is the home of every expert and lover. We ask each member to support the club which is his club, by maintaining their membership and with their participation; this is also a way to pay the affective debt we owe to our beloved Mastiff.
Thanks to each member for his support.

The President

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