The present Standard of Spanish Mastiff

General appearance:

It is a big size dog, hypermetric and mediolineo. Well proportioned and extremely powerful and brawny. Bone structure is compact.

Height to withers:

Minimum size: Male 77 cm and Female: 72 cm. Bigger subjects are always more appreciated as long as they are proportionally harmonious.


Tough hair, thick, semi-long, straight and distributed all over the body. All colours are admitted, particularly appreciated are the one colour coat, yellow, tawny, red, black, grey and spotted.


Thick at the root and attached at a medium height.
Strong, soft, covered with longer hair than in the rest of the body.

standard di razza del mastino spagnolo


Hind limbs:

Powerful with strong bones. Strong and muscular thighs.
Coxofemoral angle of about 100 °. Straight hock, with the rope clearly visible and open angle.


Of medium size, set low, falling, flat and triangular. At rest, they fall on the cheeks, when alert stand up on their third back excess.


“Cat feet”, slightly oval shaped with tight fingers. Spurs may be present in the hind limbs.


They are small related to the skull, dark and almond shaped. The look is alert, although sweet and intelligent, it is very severe in front of strangers.


Voluminous, solid truncated pyramid shaped. The relation between length of skull and length of muzzle must be of 6 to 4. Axes craniofacial slightly divergent, broad skull, strong, sub-convex profile. Pronounced occipital crest. Stop slightly accentuated. Broad muzzle, almost rectangular seen from top. Scissor bite. The upper lip covers slightly the inferior one, dace labial commissure. Black and bulky truffle.


Large, solid, brawny, flexuous. Thick and lax skin with double dewlap.


Rectangular, strong and robust. Withers: well marked.
Back is powerful and brawny. Long and wide lumbar region; solid rump, inclined at 45° to horizontal plane. Straight dorsal line. Wide and deep chest, the tip of the breastbone is pronounced. Vertical line moderately raised.

Front limbs:

Solid bone structure with powerful metacarpus. Oblique shoulders, brawny and longer than the forearm. Elbows closed to the chest. Scapula-humeral angle: close to 100°.