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Extract of Company Act

The following is an extract from the Constitution (art. 2) of the Italian Club of Spanish Mastiff, ICSM that shows a summary of the goals.

Article 2
The ITALIAN CLUB OF SPANISH MASTIFF, ICSM is a non-profit club which aims to contribute to the knowledge and the spreading of the breed of Spanish Mastiff as well as the selection aimed at improving the population in its morphological, functional psychological and healthy aspects.
THE ITALIAN CLUB OF SPANISH MASTIFF, ICSM can enter into partnership with other associations, of which it shares its aims.

In particular, the ITALIAN CLUB OF SPANISH MASTIFF, ICSM has the following purposes:

1. Publication of articles, newsletters, magazines and books;

2. Spreading of photographic material and informative dvd;

3. Meetings with experts and specialised figures to deepen various issues relating to the breeding and the health of the breed;

4. Reflections and tips to owners and breeders,

5. Organisation of special meetings and events of the breed, (...);

6. Awarding of prizes for the best breeding practice, and groups or for the best specimens of the breed shown at the events mentioned under point “F”

7. Scrupulous examination of litters (...);

8. To adopt all means and initiatives to improve the breed in its morphological, functional, psychological and healthy aspects;

9. To facilitate and promote meetings among all those interested in the knowledge and improvement of the race, in all its aspects;

10. To establish and maintain contacts with Italian and similar foreign associations and organisations and to invite personalities involved in activities that have similar objectives to those of the ITALIAN CLUB OF SPANISH MASTIFF, ICSM;

11. To organize possible seminars and study tours in Italy and abroad,

12. To collect records and scientific data on the breed;

13. To promote the knowledge of texts and any literary source useful for a better understanding of the breed. To encourage and promote the efforts to preserve and maintain the natural environment to ensure that mastiffs live in harmony with their nature. So consequently, to protect the natural environment, protect and provide for the maintenance of the animals according to the most noble principles of interdependence
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